Thursday, 8 February 2007


HI there Mr. Thompson Everybody

Today I am blogging the emails I have sent to the Crown Prosecution Service (Which I am afraid to say your Majesty they do not deserve your honourable Title) I would ask you if you were in this situation your majesty whether you would either.

Not a YESSS Crazydave we believe you have a CAST IRON case, or a simple NO Crazydave we don't deal in Social Justice at this office, or the Malfeasance by the Welsh Assembly Government or the same by Cardiff County Council.

Judge for yourselves People.

Hello Eirwen
if you click on this link the list of blogs will automatically come up for you that should solve that problem hope to hear back from you now that you have easy access.
All th Best David.

From: "Pyne Eirwen" To: Subject: Letter dated 5th DecemberDate: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 09:50:29 -0000
Mr Woolley has asked me to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 5th December which we received on 7th December.

Unfortunately we are unable to gain access to the list of blogs. If you have a particular concern regarding the Crown Prosecution Service please write to me and I will endeavour to address the matter.

Yours sincerely

Eirwen Pyne
PA to Mr C J Woolley
Chief Crown Prosecutor
CPS South Wales
029 20 803902

Oh Eirwen!
I am sure that Mr. Woolley has internet access at home after all he would fit the profile, infact Eirwen if I were a betting man I'd put money on hes one of those executives who owns his own lap top computor, there fore I find your excuse more like reluctance than any thing else, or is it refusal?
Or would you prefer it if I copy paste all the blogs to you, I am sure that the latest to the director general part 10 has a little something for Mr. Woolley to get his teeth into.

From: "Pyne Eirwen" To: "david gabriel"Subject: RE: Letter dated 5th DecemberDate: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 11:26:24 -0000
Thank you for your email unfortunately as I stated in my earlier email we do not have access to this website

Eirwen Pyne
PA to Chief Crown Prosecutor
______________________________________________________________________This email has been scanned by the MessageLabs Email Security System.For more information please visit ______________________________________________________________________

Here we Go Eirwen

This is the latest to the Director General of the BBC if I were Mr. Woolley I'd take especial note of todays update, and maybe encourage him to get intouch with Real Radio about their 2200hrs phone in programme thurs 14/12/06.

Unfortunately I havent been successful with the copy of the pictures that are on the blog getting them to copy paste, but that will be resolved no doubt when Mr. Woolley gets home eh?

bye David.

Thursday, December 14, 2006
Hello Mr. ThompsonThe first banner with Captain Fury of the X-Men was the repainted version, another one of the banners your news people in wales did not want to show on its news
Hello Eirwen

Just incase I've attached the photos of the paintings that went along with part 10.

I will forward you the rest of the blogs as and when unless Mr. Woolley has found means of accessing them himself.

All the Best David.
image 100_0011 100_0003 sent 19/dec/06

Hello Everybody sent 19/12/06

Here then is the latest to Mr. thompson. There are also some legal issues that ought to be taken on board by someone somewhere who is a protector of Human rights of the individual v. the State.

But will they be asked. I wonder if Doc Gibbon has heard of Art Therapy Huh Doc?????

The address

Hi Eirwen

below are the email addresses of the other co receivers of the email below. The date I have noticed is wrong from the sent folder its actually thursday the 18th 2007.

I wonder if Mr. Woolley will contact me shortly with a yes or no about his getting involved in my search for social justice????

Thank you David.

These are the usual crew to receive copies of these latest blogs n emails, a mixed bag :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hi chief constanble everybody
Today thursday the 19th of january 2007

I am chasing up a reply to this email chief constable sent on the 2nd jan 2007. It would appear from the lack of response that the victimization has now taken the form of complete and utter silence, from any member of Cardiff County Council the chairman included, also those Assembly members who have received the numerous emails requesting this abuse to end, and highlighting the form it has taken supplying the necessary visual evidence I have been able to gather.
To my MP and your officers, as well as yourself chief constable, all pretending the complaints do not exist and they will go somehow go away.
I tell you this chief constable I am looking forward to the day that the headlines in the press are

'Rhodri Morgan resigns after being interviewed under caution by South wales Police in the Wilful Neglect of the individual known as Crazydave, and vulnerable adults in Wales in general'

The only question is when? rather than if, now chief constable. Goodday David.

PS I trust that you are all keeping up to date with the blogs on

Well hello Everybody

Below is yet another blog attempting to end the abuse of this particular vulnerable adult. I wonder if 2007 will see the end of it all, and me in a very very very much happier situation.

I am filled with gratitude that this will be so.

goodday one and all Crazydave.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Hello Mr. Thompson EverybodyThat is the Question of todays Blog and it comes from Mr. Walsch's book one page 132 and I'll quote it here just for those who havent bought it as the best present they could have

Hi Eirwen sent 2/2/07
I am chasing up a reply to the email below, does the silence infer that Mr. Woolley is not willing to do anything on my behalf???

Hi Eirwen

below are the email addresses of the other co receivers of the email below. The date I have noticed is wrong from the sent folder its actually thursday the 18th 2007.


A letter sent in December 06 its now 8/2/07 and oh Eirwen why don'tcha reply to my emails, or are you gonna say like that you sent an email but it didn't get to me when the others sure did.

Where do the House of lords come into the equation Mr. thompson, well today I heard Lord Lipsey on BBC Radio you know the same Lord Lipsey that requested that I stopped sending copies of my blogs to hoping that one of them might just get involved here, but like the Welsh Assembly, like my MP and the other MP's I have contacted regarding the issues I have raised they have sought to turn a blind eye.

I hear them bleeting that they are not paid to do what they do, but then when you look around there seem to be alot of them on THIS BOARD OF DIRECTORS OR THAT, take Lord Burns for an example I wonder how much he gets as a salary from his DWR CYMRU directorship. There is legislation in place that supposidly protects the vulnerable from excessive water charges. Yet even he could not write, as far as I am aware, a letter to the other Board Members to waive their 'what the hell do you spend your money on Crazydave' 'Well frankly its none of your ruddy business, do I met the financial requirements or wot???'

So to round it all off, I trust that in time enough of the People of this Nation do email the Press Complaints Commission so that a little bit of Social Justice comes my way and others in my position.

To round it all off Mr. Thompson I am including here a letter I sent yesterday to the Tribunals Service due to their rejection of my application for DLA. I Trust you might find the questions it raises pertenant, and also copies of the emails that I sent to

I also havent yet looked up the delivery date of the recorded delivery letter that I sent to you at BBC HQ, 'the ole just in case he's another one that claims he knew nothing, EH Crazydave?' Yep. But I think the People deserve to know that at least one was sent, I will have to find out next how to contact the Trust members next.

Alan Yarr
Clerk to the Tribunal
Eastgate House
Newport Rd


Hi Alan

I am writing to ask that the decision by the tribunal be ‘set aside’. My reasons are as follows, in the notes from me to the Tribunal Service I did ask that the member be given a copy of all my blogs available on it seems that this was not done, also there was a request that a computer terminal be available so that I might show my blogs suspecting that they would not have been provided to the Tribunal.

I think that sufficient, but will add the following, during the meeting on the 12/1/07 I asked that the Tribunal read the Blogs before making their decision but it appears from the date of their decision this appears unlikely to have happened. Also I made the complaint of Wilful Neglect by the Welsh Assembly into my health n welfare, and the complaint of Victimization by Cardiff County Council, I have yet to hear from any member of the Tribunal following up those complaints on my behalf, given that it was said that they are independent of the DWP, you would have thought that Dr. B A Herbert might have followed that up on my behalf, or are mental health sufferers allowed to be abused without anyone taking the slightest interest.

They might say that this is not their role, yet the complaint stands and they as far as I am aware have sought to dismiss them as irrelevant. The only blog they did have available was my Health Minister in the KA KA. Yet no questions were asked me of its contents.

Finally I am aware of a young woman Miss Z represented by a Cardiff County Council employee a Mr. P K (name withheld cos I feel like it Mr. Thompson) who filled out my claim, yet later refused to represent me as he said that he would should the need arise. I would like to have the statements he made on her behalf that secured her DLA to be made for me. Finally the Tribunal made the assertion that mobility allowance was solely for those who have physical problem, yet I am aware of others who are not physically incapacitated to be in receipt of DLA, or is it that certain Mental Health sufferers are discriminated against.

The Boon an additional sum of £67.00 per week, would make to my life, would to me be miraculous, and consequently to others in my position who are likely to be refused as I have been, in all areas of their life, not least that of being able to travel outside of the radius, walking distance or that of someone with growing breathing difficulties ability to travel by push bike. For them and for myself as well as to have these issues raised I make this request for the decision to be ‘Set Aside’

Thank you
David Gabriel (NI number given)

Hello Richard (title of email Human Rights violations in Wales 19/12/06)

I doubt that the powers that be will allow you to discuss any of the items on the following blog page but then you might suprise me where all others have shown great reluctance.

So check this out unless your allready aware of them of course.

All the best David.

Hey Richard (sent 30/1/07 Title of email Crazydave has rights)

I heard some scummy people on your show today, check out this blog to see what my oppinion is of them.

Soon the truth will emerge, about the games the BBC like to play Richard.


Enough to get your teeth into there Mr. Thompson or some Human Rights Lawyer, I would think so, some final things if the £84 Billion given away as bonuses in the city had gone to 60 Million people in the uk this last Xmas would I be right in saying that those 60 million people would have received £14,000.00 each.

I guess one year we might shame the city investment bankers to do it for the people and just give their hard working whizzkids perhaps £1 million instead of the £50 million one of them received. Because without those 60 million there would be no markets for them to PLAY on now would there, no shoes or bread bought.

Finally given my blog on the Smoking Ban why didn't we the people have a referendum on such drastic cultural change, or don't the people in the pubs that the likes of Julie Morgan n Rhodri never frequent have been given some consideration, and we as a people HAD A LITTLE BIT OF CHOICE, INIT MR. BLAIR!

Funny ole world init Mr. Thompson, on my way here to the Library today I actually saw Julie Morgan touting for business on the Gabalfa Estate, that woman sure has some front don't she. Made me burst out laughing if only the people knew of these blogs existence eh?
Yeah what was the cheapest expenses that a member of the Lords put in last financial year eh Mr. thompson?
You know something else Mr. Thomspon, that unfit for purpose Local government Ombudsman talk about stuff like Remedies that a complainant would like to see given the injustices they have suffered at the hands of local government etc. You know what remedy I would like to see come out of my protest n blogs is that all those AM's who have presided at the Welsh Assembly since starting my campaign in earnest in 2004 are never allowed to hold a public office again.
To harsh Mr. Thompson??? or appropriately fitting? and the same happen for all those County Councillors in Cardiff who just couldn't be bothered to get involved.
Have you looked at the Salary of the Director General of OFWAT there's another highly paid individual doing J.S. for consumer protection, all funded by the government who make a nice little earner out of the greater VAT that they screw out of houses of multiple occupancy, in that right Mrs. Morgan.
I heard on the George Galloway show on Talksport over the weekend that there are only 45 million people in this country, well the bonus the city might have thrown up for the people just went up to £18,600.00 if its true. Can you imagine the impact that would have on the economy Mr. Thompson, extraordinary thats what it would be.
But here's the irony of that gift if it ever did happen, those in receipt of any benefit would have it stopped because they would now have more than £2,000.00 in savings, that they would have to pay the private landlord out of that windfall, meanwhile being a tax free gift the private landlord would get nothing stopped. Now if government said thats not going to happen, could you imagine the impact of that money accross all of our lives. What impact on a family of four with each individual regardless of age getting that money, obviously there would be talk of investment in childrens futures, and unscrupulous parents getting their hands on it.
What about the GOOD WILL OF THE PEOPLE towards the city then, how would those city slickers feel knowing that prosperity for all had been achieved by their efforts, and generocity, could you imagine waking up on Xmas day knowing that everyone would have a money worryless one???
Well here's chasing up the elusive George Galloway, I've sent Mr. Galloway details of these blogs along with all the other usual suspects to no avail it seems, I've also sent him one or two private ones, none of which has been responded to, guess I'll have to post another of those recorded delivery letters, while I admire Mr. Galloways eruditness it seems he's not all that keen on discussing domestic issues either. The last one asking whether he could ask the PM at question time the question Julie Morgan couldn't be bothered or those of your broadcasters Mr. Thompson 'when are houses of multiple occupancy going to be redesignated Shared Houses?'
So much for Mr. Galloways encouraging listerners to his show to get intouch with him, well onley if your not called Crazydave.
UPDATE OVER love n light people.